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Jun 24, 2022

The College World Series has been in Omaha since1950. Would college baseball benefit from alternating sites? 

Jun 21, 2022

At an imposing 6’7, this week’s Moonlighter might look the part but his path to professional sports had a dog leg or two. Sean Johnson grew up an athlete playing hockey and baseball and though he made a run at a professional baseball career, it was his skills from the ice that has helped him to launch. Johnson is...

Jun 10, 2022

This week on the Moonlight Baseball Hour we discuss the role of the modern MLB manager along with the excitement of the college baseball postseason. Don't forget to go out and play some catch this weekend!

Jun 7, 2022

“Hey Dad, you want to have a catch?”


We all know the iconic line. The moment when Ray and his dad connect at the end of the movie. They have a deep conversation about the significance of both family and, of course, the state of Iowa. Just when it feels like the moment is over, Ray asks his dad to play catch. There...

Jun 3, 2022

This week on the Moonlight Baseball Hour Neil and Tim break down the Joc Pederson and Tommy Pham fantasy football flame out, which has become one of the most fun off-the-field storylines baseball has seen in years. They also look into how many sets up twins have appeared in an MLB game along with Byron Buxton's frigid...