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Apr 7, 2020

Lights, camera, action! This week, Tim sits down with an up and coming lead on the screen and stage from Fort Dodge, IA. Ben Ahlers is a star of a new Quibi show When the Streetlights Go On. At 23 years old, Ahlers has already played many different roles including on the NBC series The Villiage and some upcoming shows that will be released. Tim and Ben talk about how preparing for roles is like competing on the field and how Ben’s background as an athlete has impacted his career as an actor.

Ben Ahlers grew up in Fort Dodge playing about every sport he could get involved with. Playing baseball, football, swimming, basketball, tennis, and track helped shape him as a competitor and person. After high school, Ahlers went to the University of Michigan School of Music, Theater, and Dance which is one of the most prestigious programs in the country. He shares that his experiences were very different than many of his peers at Michigan who had always focused on acting or dance. After a few years in the program, Ahlers got an opportunity to go out to New York and start his career. His athletic background has contributed to his career already as he plays basketball on screen in the recently released When the Streetlights Go On and as a baseball player in the to-be-released Walkoff.