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Aug 27, 2019

This week takes every Moonlight fan inside the ropes for a big-time amateur golf tournament with Moonlighter, and former Hawkeye, Sam Meuret. Sam took Tim under his wing and made him his caddy for a day this summer. Tim and Sam talk strategy, tips, and caddy etiquette as the drove from West Des Moines to the US Amateur qualifier at Shadow Ridge Country Club in Omaha. After four years of playing for the Hawkeyes, Sam is now an insurance professional and a ringer for corporate outings. However, winning a US Amateur qualifier would gain Sam entry into the US Amateur Championships. He had to call in a wannabe professional caddy to give him the edge on the hot July day. Sam describes himself as a “poor man’s Dustin Johnson” and Tim considers himself the true amateur of the Amateur qualifier. 

30,000 steps and roughly 16 miles later, Sam and Tim drove home with a 5th place finish. Not the day Sam wanted but much more than Tim had hoped for: pulling pins, raking bunkers, and generally soaking in the experience (and the sunburn) of the caddy life. Enjoy the beginning of golf week here on the Moonlight Graham Show as Tim and Sam Meuret give you the pre-round and post-round analysis of his attempt to qualify for the US Amateur Championships.