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Nov 19, 2019

The Moonlight Graham Show is all about fun and games but this week’s episode takes that to an all-new level. For episode 127, Tim joined Iowa Tecmo for a tournament at The Keg Stand to put his Tecmo skills to the test. After some confidence-building warmup games, Tim found out just what he had gotten himself into. 

With 1993 Buffalo Bills highlights playing on TV, the scene was set for a day spent in a timewarp back to a friend’s basement in the early 90s. The format of the tournament started with pool play that then set the seeding for the 20 man bracket, including the national #1 ranked Tecmo player, Joey Gats. This week Tim sits down with a host of Tecmo veterans from around the midwest, including Duck Hunt world record holder Kyle Nelson. 

Enjoy a few interviews with some of the best Tecmo players in the United States.