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Dec 3, 2019

The Moonlight Graham Show has always had an affinity for the ultimate underdog sports scene; junior college. This week takes us to the Iowa Central Community College baseball alumni golf outing. The Moonlight Graham Show sponsored the 9th hole for the alumni outing and placed a recording device with a sign that said: “Tell your best story”. And these former Tritons delivered.

Playing a sport at the junior college level is one of the truest forms of playing for your team and for the love of the game - because there isn’t much else to play for. Long bus trips, small team budgets, and a lack of recognition make JUCO sports a fertile ground for building life-long relationships with teammates. This week, Tim hands the microphone over to Triton alums to tell their best story while on the golf course. These Tritons share everything from 28-hour bus trips to pushing a coach’s van around campus after getting caught with some adult beverages.