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Apr 2, 2020

Social media is filling up with harrowing tales of working from home with children, homeschooling kids who were not taught to ‘carry the one’, and only being able to eat at your favorite restaurants by (gasp) carrying out! There are many real challenges to our current social-distancing lifestyles, but this week’s Moonlighter maintained social distance from everyone except for wild animals for days at a time on the reality show Alone. Lucas Miller spent 7-8 days at a time totally alone in the woods of Pacific Northwest trying to figure out what he would eat, staying safe, and how to stay warm and dry.

Lucas Miller was contacted by the casting company putting together a reality show in which survivalists would be dropped in the woods and be left to film themselves and their experiences. Participants were given a list of 40 items and were allowed to choose 10. From there, they were dropped into remote areas and had to find a way to survive. He was given a camera and a GPS tracker to allow the crew to be able to get to him in the case of an emergency. After being dropped by the crew, it was just Miller and the wild. Besides a pretty awful story about eating a bad mussel, Miller thrived. Over time, he established a yurt, canoe, steady supply of clams, and even an instrument and it seemed like Miller could continue to live in the wild for months.