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May 23, 2017

Kicking off Season 2 of the Moonlight Graham Show, Tim Flattery sits down with Former NBA D-League MVP and Iowa State Cyclone great, Curtis Stinson. 

6:25: Getting recruited out of the Bronx to be an ISU Cyclone by Larry Eustachy and Wayne Morgan. 9:20: Curtis shares his thoughts on the head coach transition and how he maintained his loyalty to both coaches Larry Eustachy and Wayne Morgan. 14:20: Curtis talks Hilton Magic and the upset victory against P.J. Tucker and Texas in 2004. 17:34: Tim shows that he's "street". 19:00: Curtis talks growing up in the projects and playing 1 on 1 for money. 21:00: "You've got to earn your way to play at Rucker Park". He shares his experiencing playing with Joakim Noah, Danny Green, Ron Artest,  Kemba Walker, and his best friend Allan Ray. 27:00: Curtis and Tim discuss international pro basketball. 31:00: Tim asks Curtis about getting his number retired with the Iowa Energy and winning the NBA D-League MVP. 35:27: Curtis gets us pumped up about his team in The Basketball Tournament, "Hilton Magic Legends." 39:50: "Winning in Allen Fieldhouse is great." 42:20: Curtis explains why James Johnson is the best player he's been on a team with and Tony Allen has been his toughest matchup.