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Jan 8, 2019

Episode 90 was a layup (because there definitely wasn’t a lot of dunking going on). Tim sits down with Adam Viet to cover everything in Iowa basketball from AGWSR to UNI. Hoopsters will really appreciate the level of detail the guys get into when talking about Iowa high school basketball, playing at Vets, and Adam’s UNI Panthers.

“I would say my ‘punch-me-in-the-face’ moment was my first practice”

Adam had a successful high school career at Ackley-Geneva-Wellsburg-Steamboat Rock and knew how to get the ball in the hoop, scoring over 2,100 points in his career. Adam and Tim talk about the transition from 2A hoops to Division I competition. Adam’s career at UNI spanned 2003-2008 and the transition from Coach Greg McDermott to Coach Ben Jacobson. Adam gives the behind the scenes look at McDermott’s announcement about moving to Iowa State and how the players handled the coaching change.

Adam’s passion for basketball and the UNI Panthers is evident in this episode as he discusses his playing days (including the upset win over the ranked Hawkeyes in 2005) and the Panthers and Coach Jacobson today. Tim and Adam make podcast history as they start the debate of the all-time 5 greatest Panther basketball players. Also, those looking for insights on Lucas O’Rear’s baseball career need not look any further.