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Jan 15, 2019

Episode 91 will have you dreaming of warmer weather as former ICCC Triton skipper Rick Pederson sits down to talk about the ins and outs of a life in baseball. Tim played for Coach Pederson from 2005-2006 and they explore all aspects of coaching JUCO baseball, changes in the game, and Pederson’s newest crop of prospects… middle school softball players.

In a show centered around underdogs, Rick Pederson’s story fits the mold. He took over a very successful Triton program at age 30 and went on to win 551 games over the next 14 years. Pederson and Tim talk about every aspect of the life of a JUCO coach. They discuss recruiting players who were on varied paths, 5 AM workouts, doing what it takes to be successful, and making sure NIACC stayed in their lane.