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Jan 29, 2019

Hans Nielsen shares about a life involved in sports and some of the best stories you have ever heard. This week’s Moonlighter has a story for everything from a wrong turn at the state cross country meet, averaging 22 points a game for Garner High School, a marathon 24-inning softball game, and countless hours as a sports fan.

In preparation for his 82nd birthday, Hans shares about growing up playing every sport he could get involved with and scanning the radio to listen to Notre Dame football games. His passion for sports didn’t end with high school though. Hans played town team softball and shares stories about his time playing for Sandy’s Budweiser Distributor, including a 4th of July tournament that started with Hans dropping off his wife at the hospital to have a baby while he joined the team for the games.

This week’s interview also includes a lesson in trivia as Hans, a veritable sports almanac, tries to trip Tim up a few times. Sports fans of all stripes will appreciate the discussion of several legends of Notre Dame football and the New York Yankees. Enjoy this week as Grandfather and Grandson share their love of sports.