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Feb 5, 2019

Even if you don’t follow UNI football, Twait is a household name in Iowa football. Cal’s dad was the very successful coach at Iowa Central Community College for 22 years and now serves as the Triton AD. Also, Cal’s grandpa is Duane Twait. 339 wins, 26 playoff appearances, and 7 state titles have him in the argument for the best football coach in Iowa history. Life in a football family was an important part of Cal’s development. He learned the ins and outs of the game by hanging around with his dad’s staff, always being on the Iowa Central campus, and talks about o-line footwork with Grandpa Duane.

The cream is always going to rise to the top

After a solid high school career in Class 1A football, Cal was recruited by several schools and had to narrow his college choices down to North Dakota State, Illinois State, and UNI. In true Moonlighter fashion, the deciding factor in his college decision was staying close to his family and making sure they could watch him play. Cal shares about the transition from small high school football to Division I-AA.

You’re either getting better or getting worse, you never stay the same

Now that his college career has come to an end, Cal has been working to get himself fully healthy as he prepares for the UNI pro-day. As a four year starter, Cal played through some injuries each season. But now, his ankle and labrum issues have been treated, he’s rehabbing, and feeling good. Though he can’t do the physical elements at the UNI pro day, Cal has been talking with coaches and Panther alums with NFL experience to help prepare for the interviews and understanding professional football. Cal is feeling healthy and looking forward to making the most out of his opportunities.

Be sure to check out the video of this interview on our YouTube channel and keep your eye out for Cal Twait’s name popping up on an NFL roster this offseason.