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Feb 12, 2019

Episode 96 is a double play - Taylor and Samantha Sinclair sit down with Tim just in time for Valentine’s Day to share their love story. Taylor and Sam have a true Moonlight love story. Taylor is an Iowa boy who played with Tim at UNI and with the Rockford River Hawks. Sam is a California girl who fell for a ballplayer at her very first baseball game. Mix in a fantasy wedding and you have yourself a flat out great (love) story.

                The bullpen… which I called the dugout

Taylor grew up in Indianola, Iowa. Sam grew up in San Bernadino, California. Taylor was a baseball lifer who was grinding out a career as a starting pitching in the minors for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Sam and her friends were heading to the ballpark for dollar beer night. Taylor was trying to make it to the big leagues. Sam didn’t know the difference between the major and minor leagues. Taylor’s day off was timed just right for a fated meeting with his future wife.


I just started rooting for him… he wasn’t even playing


Taylor’s team had about a 5-day stay in the San Bernadino area at the time they met so they were able to follow up their meeting in the bullpen with a few dates to get to know each other. Far from being a ‘cleat chaser,’ Sam had no idea what she was getting into with an Iowa boy who played on a ‘farm league’ team. In fact, the life of a minor league kept Taylor and Sam apart for about a year after that San Bernadino trip. It wasn’t long though before they knew their love was as rare as a perfect game and wedding bells were ringing.