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Jan 31, 2017

In this special episode, The Moonlight Graham Show takes a slightly different direction than our typical conversation with a former or current player. If you are interested in NASCAR and the inner workings of big time sports marketing, then you will enjoy this conversation with Jimmy Small, the President of the Iowa Speedway. 

Highlights include Jimmy describing a classic story of bootstrapping his way into an interview with NASCAR. For those of us that are unfamiliar with the NASCAR scene, he also makes the case for why it is like no other sports weekend experience. 

Lastly, we find out what Adam Sandler, Randy Moss, and Kenny Powers all have in common. 

As a fun aside, Jimmy also recalls the story of his grandfather Jim Small who coincidentally was a real-life "Moonlight Graham." Small was a "Bonus Baby" outfielder for the Detroit Tigers in the 1950s and a career .270 hitter.