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Mar 26, 2019

One Shining Moment has got to be the most famous song that is played once a year. Every year Luther Vandross regales America while some of the greatest highlights of the tournament. This year has already been full up some amazing moments. Zion Williamson and Duke holding off Tacko Fall and UCF’s last-second shots, Liberty getting their first tourney win, Fletcher Magee of Wofford breaking the career three-point record, and some incredible comebacks (and almost comebacks, sorry Hawk fans).

One of the greatest shining moments in Iowa sports history belongs to one of our favorite Moonlighters. Every March, Ali Farokhmanesh becomes a household name again for his shot against Kansas. With 36 seconds left in the game, the Panthers were up by 1 against #1 Kansas. When UNI broke the press and Farokhmanesh spotted up, wide-open three and the rest is history.

Enjoy this week’s trip down Moonlight memory lane with episode 15 featuring March Madness legend Ali Farokhmanesh.