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Jun 23, 2020

Roman Weinberg is passionate about baseball and the Field of Dreams site. Weinberg started as an intern in 2014 at the Field of Dreams and has worked his way up to his current role. His responsibilities on and off of the field include all kinds of duties, but things have been changing quickly with the development of the major league ballpark and the addition of the Baseballism store over the last year. 

The Field of Dreams site has evolved since the movie was filmed in 1989. The Ghost Players, tours, private events, Fort Dodge Gypsum Eaters games, and many more events have kept the field busy over the years, but in this interview, Tim and Roman talk about the 3rd life that the Major League game has brought to the field. The magic of the field hasn’t worn off for these guys and the countless tourists that Weinberg gets to visit with. 

The Field of Dreams is a special place for countless baseball fans. Roman Weinberg may not have a name like Costner or Kinsella, but he plays a vital role in maintaining the magic.

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