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Jun 18, 2020

This week’s Moonlighter takes a weekend hobby to a new level. Tom Coyne isn’t just an avid golfer. He literally wrote the book on golfing in Ireland, Scotland, and is in the process of writing the book on golf in America. Tom Coyne has published four books: A Gentleman’s Game, Paper Tiger, A Course Called Ireland, and A Course Called Scotland. His first book, A Gentleman’s Game was turned into a 2001 movie that was nominated for an Espy. 

For his second book, Coyne put himself in the tee box. He isn’t just a hack though, Coyne keeps careful score, avoids the foot wedge, and isn’t flagging down the beer cart girl. For Paper Tiger, Coyne took his training very seriously in an effort to make the PGA Tour. His Scotland trip concluded with his attempt to qualify for the British Open. In his travels across Ireland and Scotland, Coyne was walking roughly 25 miles per day. 

His fifth book, A Course Called America is due out in 2021. Coyne played every US Open course in the United States and making sure to play a course in every state for his America book, including Waveland Golf Course in Des Moines.

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