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Jul 2, 2020

Jenny Harestad was a senior at ISU in 1999-2000 when she tried out and Clare Flattery was a junior at UNI when she auditioned 2 years ago. Jenny and Clare saw advertisements for mascot tryouts and gave it a shot even though they had never been a mascot before. With the help of MC Hammer and some improv skills, Jenny and Clare wowed at their respective auditions. 

Once earning the mantle of mascot, or rather the giant head, there is a mascot code of conduct they had to abide by. Clare couldn’t even reveal her secret identity until wearing the paw-feet at her UNI graduation. They had to attend games and community events in character and in the sweatiest suit you can imagine. Clare and Jenny have tons of hilarious stories from their time in costume, including a hockey game against the Culver’s ice cream cone. There is so much more to being a mascot than what you see on the big screen at games.

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