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Oct 22, 2019

Most Moonlighters have chased their dream on the field or court. This week, our Moonlighter chased his dream into the woodshop. Jeremy Mitchell loves baseball and art but it wasn’t until a project with a skateboard company that he realized his future. The Mitchell Bat Company was born out of creativity, hard work, and hardwood.  

This week Tim connects with Jeremy Mitchell of Nashville, TN to talk about their shared passion for baseball. These two baseball nuts cover everything from collecting cards to their visits to Fenway. Now Mitchell has built a baseball bat company that has helped him connect with some of his childhood dreams, including seeing giant posters of Mookie Betts and other Red Sox players holding his bats. Mitchell has grown his company rapidly since its launch in 2013 and now Mitchell Bat Company has been featured in the flagship Ralph Lauren store in Manhattan and each of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewert’s magazines.