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Nov 26, 2019

Episode 128 brings a little class and sophistication to the podcast. On the heels of our discussion about one of the greatest video games we played as kids...and adults, this week brings a discussion of art and American culture. Vincent van Gogh even gets his first (and likely only) Moonlight Graham shout out. Andy Brown is a Brit who has spent the last several years painting baseball parks in South Korea, Japan, Mexico, and the United States. His attraction to the game of baseball may have started across the ocean, but his dream was to visit and paint every major league ballpark took him across the US.


Visiting every major league stadium is an item on many people’s bucket lists. Andy Brown not only visited every MLB stadium during the 2019 season; he painted every stadium as well. In addition to the US, he has also painted every stadium in Korea and Japan and is currently working in Mexico. Tim and Andy talk discuss baseball as much more than just a game. They both see it as a part of American culture. As a Brit, Andy provides a unique perspective seeing the diverse cross-sections of America and compares the division in the media vs. the unity of the ballpark. Andy saw America up close as he road-tripped across the country and shares his impressions and insights, including reviewing American fast food.

As a part of his journey across America, Andy Brown knew he needed to make a stop in Dyersville, Iowa to see the Field of Dreams. He shares about the magic of being at the Field of Dreams and how it has changed the way he views the movie. Without realizing it, Andy’s visit to the Field of Dreams happened to be on the weekend of the last ghost player game of the year. Andy was able to paint the field and players and capture an amazing atmosphere from his first visit to Field of Dreams. Andy Brown’s paintings have been displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame Cooperstown and on ESPN, BBC, Fox Sports, and many other media outlets.