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Aug 7, 2018

You learn right away, it’s about players.” Coach K


After 32 years on the court, Coach Adolph Kochendorfer still has a deep passion for basketball and working with kids. Nine trips to the state tournament, 1 title and 4 runner up finishes  coupled with 516 wins prove that passion has carried him to success. In Episode 72, St. Edmond’s own Coach K and Timmy dig into how coaching has changed over 30 years, some of his favorite games, players, places to play and of course - his favorite role players.


“Times have changed but I don’t think the kids have changed.”


Starting at St. Edmond in 1994, Coach K has taken basketball in Ft. Dodge to another level. 20 wins his first year, a state tournament trip two years and a title in 2000 have set an expectation for Coach K and Gael basketball that Timmy and Coach dissect.


If you don’t know how to compete [in the real world], hopefully your parents have a lot of money”


Listen in this week as Tim and Coach Adolph Kochendorfer go nuts on Iowa High School basketball history and some of the top level talent that Coach has worked with and competed against. Basketball junkies will appreciate the level of detail and analysis of players, fundamentals, and the vivid retelling of key moments from throughout Coach’s career.


And I’m Adolph”


And at the end of this pod you get to hear the story behind one of the best names in Iowa basketball!

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