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Oct 2, 2018

“When people talk about grinding, I don’t think they really don’t know what that means”

From Korea to Canada, Kansas to Florida, behind the plate to on the mound, Eric Sim has seen it all and loves to tell the story. Eric Sim uses his Twitter and Instagram accounts (@ESim3400) to give his behind the scenes take on life in the minor leagues and just about anything else. And these are some hot, honest, uncensored takes. Eric shares stories about playing baseball when it was fun and didn’t pay much and then a few years where he wasn't having fun and still wasn’t getting paid much.

Tim and Eric cover the culture of baseball at all different levels. After high school in Canada, Eric was lightly recruited and took an offer at a Kansas JUCO. After a really strong sophomore campaign, he was recruited to the University of South Florida and then was drafted by the Giants in the 27th round. Eric had a 6-year minor league career. His playing days are an open book. Eric shares about catching some big league pitchers, struggling at the plate, not cutting it as a pitcher, and then losing his passion for going to the ballpark.

              What was your worst day? “Everyday”

Eric’s minor league career bounced around a few years and he had the defensive talent but, in his words, his offense sucked too much to make it. Eric has a really honest perspective on his own play, life in the minors, and indy ball. Tim and Eric dive into his career, his social media presence now, and they are sure to set a new podcast record for using certain words! Enjoy Episode 81… but be sure to listen with headphones on.