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Oct 9, 2018

Season 5 comes to a close by opening up the mailbag for the very first time. We know that the Moonlighters and fans are what make the show happen so what could be a better way to wrap a season than to turn an episode over to our supporters? This week, Tim took your ideas, topics, and stories from social media and email and brings them together for episode 82.

Our first mailbag covers everything from a high school football player overcoming Cerebral Palsy to the best baseball brawls. Tim even dissects the best underdog sports movie of all time, The Little Giants. Anything to give the fans what they want!

Take some time this week to find out predictions for Tiger Woods’s future, the best non-sports underdog victories in history, and what American sports can learn from European soccer.

Thank you to everyone who sent in a question or topic! Keep listening and keep sharing your ideas and stories!