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Nov 20, 2018

Episode 83 brings us the story that no one (I mean everyone) has been waiting for... Tim Flattery! Tori Scarpinato (about to be Mrs. Flattery) takes the mic and puts your usual host in the hot seat. Tori brings Tom Griffin in to co-pilot her first time at the controls of the podcast and really shows who brings the talent to the marriage. Tori basically had to use the jaws of life to pull Tim’s glory day stories out with a few highlights from former teammates and coaches.

I do say ‘folks’ a lot, don’t I?

Tori gets season six rolling as Tim recounts where the podcast came from, including an original name that was scrapped, and his own life-long love affair with sports and competition. Tori was able to call on former teammates to dig up some background stories from all throughout Tim’s playing days.  Listening in to stories from youth sports to college and his time in the independent league will really help listeners get a fuller picture of the guy who usually gets to play host to your favorite Moonlighter’s every week.

Enjoy the kickoff to season 6 with a one of a kind interview with the future Mr. and Mrs. Flattery!