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Aug 11, 2020

This week brings an Iowa icon into the studio, Scott Siepker. The Carroll County native sits down with Tim to talk all things Iowa. Siepker has made a name, and brand for himself, by celebrating the Iowa lifestyle and being passionate about Iowa. Siepker’s is a very talented jack of all trades. From appearances on the Murph and Andy Show on Fridays to working on original film projects, Siepker is known for his storytelling, comedy, and some really stupid Quickie Polls. 

I love playing the villain

Like Scott Siepker himself, this interview has a little bit of something for everyone. Growing up in Carroll County, Siepker’s family has a hypothetical background with moonshine that has spurred a passion film project about prohibition in Iowa. His short lived career as a (self proclaimed) 3-point threat playing alongside Adam Haluska and talented golfer are part of his love of sports and the Carroll Tigers. Siepker’s greatest claim to fame so far is probably the character he created; the Iowa Nice Guy. The viral videos sharing what we all know to be true, that Iowans are the greatest people in America, and show off his satirical skills. The Iowa Nice Guy is like the inner voice of all Iowans who are too nice to say what they are really thinking about Nebraska. The Iowa Nice Guy made his way onto ESPN and popped up across social media platforms. Creating a character focused on Iowa was part of a larger belief of Siepker’s to prove that an actor, director, producer, and filmmaker can thrive in Iowa. His documentary on Jack Trice and Nile Kinnick, stage work, and countless other projects are proving him correct.