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May 21, 2020

To continue UNI week, a current Panther football player steps into the studio. This Moonlighter has found an interesting role for Coach Mark Farley and the Panthers. The defensive back has found his way onto the field as a punter. Zac Kibby grew up as a multisport athlete and has used that athleticism to help the Panthers by averaging almost 40 yards per punt. In fact, Kibby’s 39.3 yard average was good enough for 61st in FCS but he is the ONLY player in the top 100 whose position is listed as DB.

As a redshirt sophomore, Kibby was looking to make the travel squad and overheard Coach Farley say they needed an emergency punter. After practice one day, he bombed a few, and next thing you know, he was the backup punter. Kibby made his debut as a college punter against the Iowa Hawkeyes a few weeks later. Since then, Kibby has played a split role as a DB and as the punter. After a great redshirt-junior season, Kibby hopes for a teammate to emerge as the punter so he can fully embrace his role on defense. 

As Zac Kibby enters his senior campaign, his first priority is helping the team, but he is optimistic about an incoming freshman punter taking the reins and what the defensive coaches might need from him.