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Mar 31, 2020

With the Coronavirus changing the world of sports, we have had to look in new directions to get our fix. We need the unpredictable nature of sports. We need teams and names to cheer for. We need something to gamble on. And with over 50 million views and 750,000 subscribers, we have a winner. Jelle’s Marble Runs on YouTube give you everything you want from sports: underdogs, fan favorites, and unpredictable twists and turns. What really makes this must stream action though is the production of it all. You have to check out the courses, the graphics, and the absolute professional quality of the turn by turn announcing. This week’s Moonlighter is the man behind the mic for all of Marble Run racing, Greg Woods. Woods sits down with Tim to explain how a guy living in Fort Dodge has become the voice of the fastest marbles in the world.

Greg Woods grew up in Newton, IA and was a fan of Formula 1 racing after being introduced to the sport by his dad. That interest turned into some jobs over the years during college and medical school writing about racing for different publications. His foray into race announcing came by chance though, as he made his own video calling a marble race. Once Jelle and Dion Bakker, two Dutch brothers who run the races, saw the video with Woods on the call,  they reached out to have him do all of their races. That started Woods down a course in 2016 that has been picking up a lot of speed.